The Glensheen Garden

The Glensheen Garden

For all of the beautiful things that people see when they tour the famous mansion, one thing that they often miss is the garden outside.

“Classroom in the Garden,” a brand new event taking place during the month of September, will be taking advantage of the tasty treats grown in Glensheen’s backyard.

“During ‘Classroom in the Garden,’ a UMD sous chef will showcase various recipes each week using vegetables from Glensheen’s garden,” Jane Pederson, Marketing Manager at Glensheen Mansion, said.

The series will take place on Wednesday nights in September from 6-7pm.

“With this beautiful, abundant garden that we have here, what better way to showcase garden-to-table cooking classes?” Daemon Williams, UMD sous chef said.

“I love garden eating. I love sustainability. I think that we should embrace it in any and every aspect that we possibly can. We certainly do this in our own kitchen at UMD. A lot of people don’t realize that we provide thousands upon thousands of meals, but we also try to be sustainable,” Williams said.

Small samples will be served at the event.

“The Glensheen garden grows 2,000 pounds of produce each year. We donate much of the produce to local food shelves, such as Second Harvest Food Bank. The community truly benefits from the produce grown here at Glensheen,” Pederson said.

Through “Classroom in the Garden,” the legacy of the Glensheen family has grown into and literally touched the future.

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