10 New Features of IOS 10

iOS 10 update: the top 10 new features on Apple’s latest software

Last week, Apple announced its latest line of products that will be available for preorder on Sep.16. Following the product launch, yesterday morning Apple released its newest software update, iOS 10.
Here are the top 10 changes that come with iOS 10

1. Messages- New look and lots of new features.

-Apple has introduced text animations for certain words or phrases like “happy birthday” or “congratulations.”

-The updated QuickType keyboard has added things like emojis and multi-lingual predictions.
-Digital Touch messaging allows you to show how you feel by adding drawn pictures to your conversations.
-You are now able to respond to a text with just a tap of text reactions like thumbs up or a question mark.
- Apps like gif and signature keyboards have also been created for added personalization.

2. Say goodbye to swipe to unlock
The “swipe to unlock” feature has been replaced, you now use the home button to unlock your IPhone. You are also able to access your pull down menu from your lock screen by swiping left.

3. Delete automatically downloaded apps

You are now able to delete apps that have been automatically downloaded onto your phone like Stocks and Garageband.

4.  Notifications

            Notifications have gotten a makeover with a new sleek design. Responding has never been so easy with the ability to tap to view a conversation from the notification screen.

5.  Control Center

 The Control Center on the bottom of the screen received a makeover and added a second panel for easy music control.

6. Photos

Lots of new changes make photo organization easy. It comes with features like face, object and location recognition as well as automatic grouping depending on photo subject and location. You are now able to reminisce with the memories tab that lets you re-live your favorite pictures.  
7.  Apple Music

Just as you got the hang of the last design change for your music library, Apple changes it again with even more of an Apple Music focus.  Lyrics have also been added so you can sing along to your favorite songs.  

8. Maps

A new design makes maps much more user-friendly, making it easy to search for your destination and how to get there faster.  

9.  Apple Home

A new app called “home” has been created for the ability to control lights, locks, and temperature of your house, if you have the accessories compatible with the app.

            Siri is now paired with most apps to make hands-free use even easier.


To find a complete list of all the updates made in iOS 10, please visit http://www.apple.com/ios/ios-10/



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