The ever-growing problem of mass media addiction

by Nick Jones

When registering for classes last fall, I kept going back and forth when it came to “COMM 3555, Mass Media Addiction.” I could not figure out why I was so indecisive when it came to this class, but signed up for it nonetheless.

Now, as we wrap up the semester and I reflect on what I have learned in this class, I have finally figured out why I was so hesitant to take this course: I am more addicted to media than I want to admit.


Letter to the Editor: It has Arrived

By Conor Vaughn

It Has Arrived, the time when a linguist is at the forefront of science fiction. The time when a linguist saves the world from its imminent destruction and tactfully brokers peace between unfriendly nations. We’re talking about the movie “Arrival” and, man, did somebody do their homework. In fact, the mastermind of the film, Eric Heisserer, says to have extensively studied linguistics before putting pen to paper—finger to keyboard.

Vegan 101: UMD

As you may or not know, April 22nd is Earth Day. Earth Day is a worldwide day to demonstrate support for the environmental protection of our precious home. Many people feel that just one day is not enough and celebrate the whole month of April as Earth Month. This is a great time to go the extra mile when it comes to sustainability, eco-friendliness and just overall appreciation of what our Earth has to offer.

Letter to the Editor: Pet Your Dog, Eat a Pig

I was slapped in the face with photos of cows hanging by their hind legs. Throats slit with their blood-soaked tongues dangling out of their mouths. Photos of pigs with their eyes full of fear, huddled into the corner of cement walls. A man pointing a gun directly at these innocent beings. Photos of abnormally large-breasted hens so tightly cramped in cages, they weren’t able to turn around, let alone spread their wings.

To the Editor: Textbooks

This is my first year at UMD and I am beginning to realize some of the ups and downs that college life brings. While I begin to align my work schedule, sort through my notebooks and  prepare for a return, I maintain one major frustration: textbooks.

To the Editor:

For brevity's sake, I will limit my thoughts regarding the presidential election by only commenting on an e-mail Housing and Residential Life sent to students on November 9.

Born and Raised Bulldog

Homecoming is a phrase that signifies returning to home. For current students, this week is a time to come together and celebrate school pride, but for some alumni, homecoming week is a time to return to a place that they once called home.