Free comics for the Galaxy

by Kodey Weis

While many people will be rushing into theaters for the latest superhero summer blockbuster this weekend, fans of comic heroes should also know that Free Comic Book Day is this Saturday, May 6. For those in Duluth, two comic book stores celebrating the holiday are Collector’s Connection and Rogue Robot.

The Secret Language of Emojis

by Krithika Devanathan

The clicking sounds of typing echo in Cina Hall as a student sends a text. An emoji with two hands facing up and a laughing face with tears is the response to a story told in the chat. These are just a few of the emojis littering the lively, digital conversation and somehow, all the participants of the chat understand the secret language behind the seemingly random emojis.

The SunSpot shines at UMD

For those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, hop on board. The SunSpot Bus, run by twins Katherine and Sue York,  wants to become an institution of wellness for all students at UMD. Due to the distance from the sun, students can be easily affected by S.A.D. with a lack of Vitamin D. Their mission is to aid everyone in feeling better through light therapy.

Jacob Krump: An artist on the way to success

By Megan Mulcahy

What do you think of when you see the colors black and yellow? You might think of the Pittsburgh Steelers or maybe a taxi cab. For UMD marketing and graphic design student Jacob Krump, he sees an aesthetically pleasing honey bee sitting on an abstract, delicate rose petal. Not only does the honey bee represent art for Jacob Krump, but it represents the declining bee population.