Raising Retention and Deepening Diversity at UMD

by Rachel Brown

UMD’s first year retention rate is the highest it’s been in school history.  At 78.4 percent, UMD has recently reached an all-time high in first year student persistence for the fall 2015 freshman class, but is not yet at the goal of 80 percent.

Agriculture community grows at UMD

On a cold and rainy afternoon, UMD junior Megan Forcia found herself ripping open bags of leaves and dumping them onto the ground. After questioning why she was even outside in the rain, she remembered that the average age of farmers in the U.S. today is 60-years-old.

Student Association looks to create a more inclusive campus

By Olivia Krenz

Azrin Awal first decided to run for Student Association when she realized a lack of representation for marginalized groups of students on UMD’s campus. By changing former policies, such as the bereavement policy, and increasing SA interaction with the student body, Awal is planning to make UMD’s campus climate more inclusive.

“We want to create a campus life that is inclusive and diverse for everyone,” Awal said.

Jacob Krump: An artist on the road to success

By Megan Mulcahy

What do you think of when you see the colors black and yellow? You might think of the Pittsburgh Steelers or maybe a taxi cab. For UMD marketing and graphic design student Jacob Krump, he sees an aesthetically pleasing honey bee sitting on an abstract, delicate rose petal. Not only does the honey bee represent art for Jacob Krump, but it represents the declining bee population.