Art Festival 2016

Art Festival 2016

Albert Einstein once said: “Creativity is contagious — Pass it on.” The Kirby Program Board at The University of Minnesota Duluth has taken this idea and run with it.

On Thursday, December 8, they will be hosting their second annual Art Festival in the Ballroom beginning at 6 p.m.

Junior Haley Knuth is the special events chair at the Kirby Student Center.

“I believe that art is an extension of our identity and our feelings,” Knuth said.

“Tapping into that as an artist means that your work is well done, because you have evoked an emotion, a fire in someone, and inspired change,” Knuth added.

According to Knuth, there will be around a dozen participants this year, showcasing a wide variety of artwork.

“It is always fun to see everyone’s artwork,” Knuth said.

Anyone is welcome to participate. One does not have to be an artist in order to showcase some of their work.

“It is going to be really laid back. We wanted everyone to feel comfortable participating,” Knuth said. Even she plans to participate this year.

“I will probably submit some of my photography,” she said.

Like Knuth, Paul Cerar, freshman at UMD, will also be submitting photography.

“I have always been interested in photography, I didn’t actually get into it until I came to UMD. It is nice that the Multimedia Hub allows students to rent equipment,” Cerar said.

Cerar, Computer Science Major, saw a flier for the Art Festival in the hallway and decided to check it out.

“There are not many opportunities to showcase your art if you are not an Art Major, so this is a really cool opportunity for me to do so,” he said.

“Art allows for individuals to express emotions that may be otherwise difficult to,” he added.

There will be snacks, music and a drawing for gift cards at the event.

“It isn’t too late to sign up,” Knuth said. “We are always looking for more participants,” she added.






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