Meet the staff: Omar Banat

biophotosomar Who am I?

My name is Omar Banat. I am a journalism student at UMD who is also minoring in computer science. My frist semester here was in Spring 2013. I was raised in

Lakeville, MN which is about 2 and a half to 3 hours south on 35.


What interests me?

Just about everything. Video games, cooking, sports, tv, pro wrestling, sleeping, eating, brewing beer, bad movies, technology. Out of all my

interests though I would have to say my top three are video games (mostly super smash bros), cooking (I can bake too), and pro wrestling (Yes,like Hulk Hogan).


Why I chose Duluth?

I started out my college career in Minneapolis at the U of M and that was quite overwhelming for me. I love close knit communities and local

business which are two things I really felt Duluth had the first time I visited here. Coming from a smaller town in Minnesota, it's nice to see that there can be

bigger cities that still have a very strong sense of community. It's has all the amenities of a large city while maintaining a small town feel.


Lake Voice Position:

Web editor


Wanna challenge me to a game of smash bros or do you have a story idea?

Email me at

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