Meet the staff: Cindy Vu

biophotoscindy Who am I?

My name is Cindy Vu and I am a UMD senior with a Journalism major and Fine Arts minor. I am Hmong and my hometown is in Minneapolis, MN. I’ve always loved reading and that is what led me to want to become a writer, particularly someone who tells stories. I have a love for fashion and it’s something that I also want to incorporate with my future careers.

My job in Lake voice News?

I work with the art desk, and that includes making sure that there are good visuals for the stories that are written for LakeVoice, as well as editing photos or making graphics for the pieces. My background with art also interested me to join this position in the team.

Why I chose Duluth?

Being raised in Minneapolis for my whole life, I wanted to go to school in a different environment and experiment with something new. It hasn’t always been easy because Duluth is far away, but the best part of being here is the landscape and close proximity to Lake Superior. I’ve also met some great people from all over the world and the UMD Writing Studies program has given me great opportunities.

Got a story idea? Email me at and follow me on Twitter @cindy30vu

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