Meet the staff: Kyle Farris

biophotoskyle Kyle Farris

Who am I?

Just a person. I enjoy working with words and ideas. I’ve done so for the UMD Statesman, Lake Voice News and the Duluth News Tribune. I’m a senior journalism major and political science minor. It’s all a journey.


My Lake Voice position: Copy editor


What interests me?

Classic literature and clouds that move really fast across the sky. My background mostly is in feature reporting, though I have a fair amount of experience covering hard news and breaking news. I like playing with sentence structure and word arrangements, also using language in ways that seem, at least to me, creative and original.


Why did I choose Duluth?

Proximity and comfort, mostly. It’s a nice city. During the summer it seems a miniature and homogeneous San Francisco; during the winter, the Rust Belt epitomized. It’s a strange equilibrium here.


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