Meet the staff: Mackenzie Timm

biophotoskenz Who am I?

Hey everyone! My name is Mackenzie Timm and I’m currently a senior at UMD studying journalism and communication. I love to be around people and always try to have a positive energy. I’m just trying to make my best out of time in Duluth!

My Lake Voice Position:

Social Media/Marketing

What interests me?

I love to read for fun, have a good Netflix binge from time to time and I like being around people who are positive and the kind of people I can learn from. Reading and writing is something I’ve liked to do since I was a kid - with those skills and getting to meet and learn from new people is the reason journalism is such a great fit for me. I get the opportunity share their stories with all of you.

Why Duluth?

I had never been to Duluth before my college visit but I had always heard such great things about the city. I fell in love when I came and immediately knew this was the city I wanted to live in. There is so much beauty and history to the city that it seems I can never stop learning from it.


Hit me with any story ideas you have at!

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