Meet the staff: Clayton Zervas

biopicsclay Who is this dude?

I am Clayton Zervas! I am completing a degree in geology as well as a minor in journalism at the University of Minnesota Duluth. I am originally from Esko - right over the hill about 15 minutes. I currently work at the Duluth Children’s Museum where I create programs pertaining to earth and space science, make marketing materials, and run their facebook and website. I have too many hobbies than is good for me. If I haven’t done it before then you’ll bet I’ll try it. Unless it involves seafood or swiss cheese.

What interests me?

Nature, the world, space, the microscopic, the unseen, the unknown. I love questions and I love even more finding the answers to them. My job is answering questions and explaining the answer in a way that common people can understand it  apply it to everyday life. Everyone has those “things” they have always wondered about. If you have a burning question, ask me in an Email -

What I do at Lake Voice:

I am the Assignment Editor for Lake Voice!

Why Duluth:

I grew up in Duluth. Well, Esko to but it’s close enough. They have a wonderful program for geology here at UMD and I love to sail, so staying in duluth was a good fit.

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