At long last, a yard sign supporting embattled city councilor


Another sign in the Councilor Sharla Gardner recall debacle has been put up in Duluth’s Park Point. This one however, is in support of Gardner.

The first of its kind, the sign is tacked to a weathered wooden picket fence just beyond the South Pier Inn, yet just before the more than 85 mustard-yellow signs, and one first truck, recalling the councilor. The new sign boasts, “We Support Sharla Gardner.”

The odds seem a bit unfair.

“Many signs are in empty lots or in the yards of rental homes,” said Claire Kirch, a Gardner supporter.


It may come as a surprise that the support sign has come up so late in the game. However, it seems that the residents of Park Point are tired of the cause and have all but taken down their signs.

“Im surprised that they put it up so late,” said recall supporter Frank Sterns. “It’s funny that they waited until the city attorney came and said that the recall wasn't legal. She has to have committed a crime.”


Linda Engleson, also a recall supporter, summed up her thoughts that the sign might be a more cynical message: “Maybe it’s a financial statement. Someone had to pay for it, and it couldn’t have been cheap.”

According to Sharla Gardner’s Facebook page, she has, “no more words on this topic, anyways.”

The recall organizers are still keeping the number of signatures on the petition hush-hush.

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