Meet the Staff: Sam Strom

IMAG0561Who am I? My name is Sam Strom and I am a senior at UMD. I have worked for The Statesman for a semester as the international reporter, and am excited to take on the role of news editor when the fall rolls around.

What interests me? I’ve been reading the Game of Thrones books for about a year now and am slowly but surely wrapping up my summer reading. I’m about halfway done with A Dance with Dragons and I truly cannot get enough of the series, or the history and lore that George R. R. Martin has created around it.

I also enjoy playing pretty much any sport at the most mediocre of levels. Baseball is my favorite sport, and, in a perfect world, I hope to eventually write for the Twins or any other baseball organization in some facet.

Why Duluth? I grew up in Clover Valley, which is halfway between Duluth and Two Harbors. There’s nothing I love more than spending a summer day out in the Valley with my best friends wasting a day away. UMD is the closest school to the Valley, so I decided to stick around. While I have lived in the city for three years now, my heart is still in the country, and that’s where you’ll find me whenever I get the chance.

Got a story idea? Have your people get in touch with my people at or tweet me @samstrom11.

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