Meet the staff: Sam Cochrane

SONY DSC Name: Sam Cochrane

Hometown: Saint Paul, Minn.

Twitter: @TheSamCochrane


My Beat: I am brand new to the LakeVoice team and I look forward to writing about and capturing images of Duluth’s music, art, and above all and most importantly: food.

My Job:

My Story: I was born and raised in Saint Paul and am currently a senior at UMD focusing on photography and history. I love to cook. I’m great at it (so I’ve been told and know for a fact myself) and had a cooking show at the State Fair one time. I also enjoy playing my ukulele, drawing and tinkering with my camera. On a more serious note, it takes a certain type of integrity to wear a proper mustache. That being said, I have one of those and am damn proud of it. The point being here is that I would like to think I carry myself with integrity that applies to every aspect of what I do. If I’m cooking a batch of my chocolate-banana muffins, you better believe those will be the most delicious muffins you’ll ever have.  When I’m writing or capturing images for the LakeVoice News you should expect the same. It’ll be delicious? No. That whatever it is, you should know that it has the Sam Cochrane stamp of approval and that guy has integrity. Or so he says. Feel free to contact me through the means listed above.

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