Meet the staff: Kim Hyatt

420_6 Name: Kim Hyatt

Hometown: Laporte, Minn.

Twitter: @hyatt045


Other: website, blog


My Beat: I enjoy following a public affairs beat, the protein of the publication. As I progress my journalism experience, I am tirelessly training myself to be a watchdog journalist. I strive for transparency and honesty in all of my storytelling, and try to focus on subjects with struggle, sacrifice or solutions.

My Job: I am the managing editor at Lake Voice News. Meaning that I'm in charge of not only making my deadlines, but having other Lake Voicers do the same. For the most part, I produce content (reporting, photographing), anything to tell a story. I am the Mother Goose of this publication; sharing ideas, pointing people in the right direction, and coordinating nap times.

My Story: I’d like to think of myself as being a cyborg-journalist, a hybrid of journalistic ethics and social communication. I'm a senior at UMD, majoring in journalism (go figure) and minoring in photography. My mother is a hippie and my father is a raging liberal. Although they are divorced, you could say I am still a pretty good mixture of the two. I played Esta in Moby Dick the Musical my junior year in high school. This summer, I went Couch Surfing around the UK, all thanks to my host, Toni Garden, and spare FAFSA funds. I mainly settled in Liverpool where I overdosed on Beatles tours and museums, but I made my way around to London, Wales, Scotland and Amsterdam. On this trip of a lifetime, I kept a daily travel blog, and worked for the LowDown magazine. I wear my mother’s rings every single day (you can see them in that picture above); I borrowed them four years ago and have yet to return them. Other random facts in no particular order: I scored my 1,000 career point in basketball my junior year in high school. I’m named after a dude. My dream job would be writing new journalism novels like Joan Didion and working as a reporter for a newspaper--big or small, daily or weekly. A Sunday afternoon driving along the North Shore listening to a Prairie Home Companion is one of the my greatest, most loved combinations. And I like my coffee black and my milk soy.

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