Letter to the Editor: On Jill Stein

Is the USA a democracy? Regular STATESMAN readers will know that the Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein held a town hall meeting on Thursday 13th September at UMD. What may be less well known, however, is that at the time of the slugfest between Obama and Romney on Tuesday of last week, Jill Stein was cuffed to a chair by the police in a warehouse far from the debating chamber. Her crime was to protest at being denied entry to the debating chamber. Jill Stein is a bona fide candidate for the US Presidency with some 85% of voters having the chance to vote for a Green Party president. Personally, I am deeply shocked that a presidential candidate was cuffed to a chair for 8 hours like this, and I have to seriously question the democratic credentials of the USA.

Those wishing to gain an appreciation of A Green New Deal for America before casting their vote should visit this website: http://www.jillstein.org/green_new_deal

Andrew Brooks

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