Letter to the Editor: Vote No

The concept of marriage is integral to our society. Marriage legitimizes a relationship between two people in a way that no other word can. Minnesota law limits marriage to opposite-sex couples. This means that the thousands of Minnesotans, committed same-sex couples and LGBT people who yearn for the kind of relationship that only marriage provides in our society, cannot experience marriage. These people are our friends, peers, professors and family members. On November 6th, the citizens of Minnesota will be asked if they want to further restrict the freedom and rights of their fellow Minnesotans. If the Marriage Amendment passes, same-sex couples that have made a lifetime commitment to one another, and single Minnesotans hoping to find the love of their lives, will suffer yet another set-back. This amendment will further remove those of us in the LGBT community from the broader community of which we are an integral part.

We need your help! Young people overwhelming support marriage equality, but over all, Minnesotans are currently evenly split between those who plan to vote for the marriage-limiting amendment and those who plan to vote against it. With your help, we can ensure that discrimination is not written into the Minnesota Constitution! Minnesota currently allows same-day voter registration. If you live on campus, you can vote in the Kirby Ballroom on November 6th between 7 am and 8 pm. Just make sure to bring your current student ID. If you live off campus, visit the MN Secretary of State's Office (http://pollfinder.sos.state.mn.us/) to see where you vote. Bring your current MN driver's license, or an older MN ID and another document with your current address (student fee statement, utility bill, rent statement, etc).

With your help, we can take the first step to ensure that all people have the opportunity to enjoy the happiness and security that only marriage can provide. Please join me, and Vote No on November 6th.

Brian Bluhm

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