Letter to the Editor: Vote Nolan

Dear Editor, As a UMD alumni and a parent with two students at UMD I think it is imperative that students vote on Tuesday, November 6th and I urge everyone to vote for Rick Nolan.

In March 2011, Cravaack came under criticism by Duluth students and community leaders for his vote in favor of a budget bill making drastic cuts to the federal Pell Grant program that provides financial aid to college students, including 30 percent of the students at the UMD.

Here are some interesting facts about Chip Cravaak per his own website and wikipedia.

He was born in Charleston, WV and grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio - not in Minnesota. He moved to Minnesota to begin working as a pilot for Northwest Airlines in 1990 and retired from that position in 2007 due to sleep apnea and receives a $79,000 a year medical disability pension. How can he perform his job adequately as a Congressman if he has sleep apnea?

He is a confirmed member of the Tea Party movement and has consistently backed Michele Bachmann.

The 8th District has had a proud tradition of electing progressive candidates who are pro-labor both at the state and national level - do we really want a far right-wing radical representing us in Washington, DC?

It is time for Northern Minnesota to take back this position from the Tea Party radicals who only represent their special narrow self-interests.

Please join me in supporting a life-long Minnesota resident who won't move out of this district - a progressive who supports women and students - Rick Nolan. Lets get a true Minnesotan working for us again.

Debbie Ortman

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