Robbery Update

The UMD Police Department (UMDPD) continues to investigate a report of an armed robbery that occurred early Sunday morning.

As reported in a campus-wide email, a student was walking through Parking Lot U near 1301 Junction Ave. at 2:49 a.m. on Sunday, October 2 when he was approached by an individual wielding a knife.

The suspect demanded the student’s money. Upon learning the student had no money, the suspect fled on foot into the nearby wooded area. The student was not injured.

This marks the first armed robbery in almost ten years, according to Lt. Tim LeGarde of UMDPD.

“Violent crime is pretty rare here,” LeGarde said.

The last report of a violent crime that LeGarde found was another report of armed robbery in 2006. In that instance, the victim was hit with a beer bottle, which was broken over the victim’s head. The incident also occurred in the area of Junction Ave. No suspect was apprehended.

“I can’t recall any since then,” LeGarde said.

LeGarde described the investigation as ongoing.

“We checked everything we could,” LeGarde said. “Hopefully the email will jar someone's memory, if they saw anything suspicious.”

The suspect was described as white male with stubble, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans.

UMDPD asks that if any additional information regarding the incident is known, call 911.


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