Election leads to mixed emotions at UMD

Election leads to mixed emotions at UMD

One week after the election, mixed emotions fill the halls at UMD.

Following a contentious election season and in an increasingly divided nation, students speak out about what they see happening on campus.

Students protested in Kirby this past Friday, where they held signs condemning president-elect Donald Trump. Student Micki Grover, who identifies as queer, feels endangered.

“I think what it means, regardless, (is that) a lot of kids are scared,” Grover said.

Grover expressed concern for LGBT rights following the election.

“I was looking forward to moving forward, not backward,” Grover said.

Grover’s words mirror the messages on the signs held Friday, one of which reading “We aren’t upset our candidate didn’t win. We’re upset because the one who did could strip us of our freedoms.”

That sense of panic hasn’t reached all students, however. Jake Schmidt, a student in LSBE, sees little change.

“It depends on what part of the school you hang out in,” Schmid said. “I really don’t see anything different in LSBE.”

Other students express concern for minority students.

“I kinda sense fear,” student Christy Atkinson said. “I worry about people who don’t see them (minorities) as equal. (I worry about) who they are, or if they’re here.”

Some students, like National Guardsman Kodey Weis, have accepted the outcome for what it is.

“I didn’t really like either candidate,” Weis said. “But I realized that whoever won would technically be my new boss. I still have years left in the service.”

Graphic by Will Madison

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