Meet the staff: Leah Rodgers

biophotosleah Who am I?:

I am Leah Rodgers, a UMD journalism student. I'm always down for a conversation. However if we do talk I might interrupt myself and write something down so I won't forget it.

My Lake Voice position:

I am the Editor-in-Chief for this Fall 2014 semester. I'll try and float the boat.

What interests me:

I like books. Preferably a hard copy with a few good lines I can mark with a post-it. On the other end I love technology because it's never the same. As for my constants? Coffee, Reddit, and running.

Why Duluth:

Why not Duluth? The fact that a large chunk of the businesses that reside here are local makes it an easy home away from home. Canal Park is a dream on the right day, and winters just give me an excuse to warm up with more coffee. OK so winters aren’t the best, but the summers here are.

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