Meet the Staff: Alex Wenner


Who am I?  My name is Alex Wenner. I am a senior at University of Minnesota Duluth majoring in Communication and minoring in Journalism. I will be graduating next spring. I have not had any work experience in journalism besides what I’ve done through class. Right now I work at a manufacturing company that makes airplane parts called Greystar Electronics. I'm originally from Bloomington home of Mall of America.

What interests me?  I love talking to people about what their story is, I could listen to people talk all day. If they want me to share what they have to say I love writing and telling others their story. I also love sports. There isn't a sport that doesn’t interest me, I respect athletes for what they can do and how much commitment it takes. Having an interest in most sports means I spend hours reading everything I can online as well as watching. I remember one of the first baseball games I ever went to with my dad. I saw Cal Ripken Jr. get his 3,000th hit.

Why I chose Duluth?  I knew the Duluth area pretty well before I came to school up here. My mom and her side live in the Duluth and Hermantown so I came up here a fair amount as a kid. I have always loved this area, even though I like the big city vibe more.  I thought it would be a good place to spend four years of my life and attend college. You also can’t beat the streams up here, I love to stream fish and only be 10 minutes away from some good trout streams is awesome. Having Spirit Mountain close and not too far of a drive from Lutsen is also plus, beats the even smaller hills in the cities area. The people are also friendly up here and everyone loves to be outdoors, hopefully Duluth can win the contest of being the best outdoor’s town.

Got a story idea?  Contact me at or tweet me @Wenner_Alex

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