Meet the staff: Ben LaBerge

mah perty fayse All About Me: My name is Ben LaBerge. I’m a geek, a freak, a poet, and a friend. There is nothing I enjoy more than finding new experiences and being able to describe them to people in a way that takes them into that experience and allows them to enjoy it without having been there. I love all kinds of stories no matter the medium; through books and TV and movies and video games, I love to analyze them and give my full appreciation or hatred toward every aspect they hold. I guess that it was through this love of discovery and analysis that I first tried my hand in science here at UMD. But the passion did not remain with me as it did with others in the same field, so I switched to my second love: writing.

Yes, I’ve written my weight in papers over the years --- everything from speeches to scripts to fiction and poetry. It’s almost as if my mind were at the verge of bursting and the only way to keep the seams together is to slowly bleed myself of ink, one letter at a time. I hope to one day be able to share my work with the world as I do with my friends and colleagues.

And my favorite color is Orange because when I see the color I can pull out so many aspects of it that I like. It is a signal of warning, a sign of hidden strength, a warmth of the heart on a cold day, a nostalgic hue which harkens back to a forgotten time, a flash of brilliance accenting an already good idea, and beacon of notice in the midst of a cacophonous mix of blending colors. Plus it looks good.

LakeVoice Position: Managing Editor. As a managing editor, a position shared with Hallie Rogers, it is my job to make sure that things run smoothly on both the news team and in the work flow. I keep everyone on track and find assistance for my fellow editors should they need it. In said position, I myself will also do the aiding if need be, meaning I can edit stories and photos and web content should someone require help in the matter.

Duluth? I’ve lived here all my life. It seems a pitiable existence, but I’ve traveled far around the globe and there is nowhere I quite like more than Duluth. Paris, London, New York, Portland, even Guatemala City have charm about them. But they’re big and noisy and each has a distinct scent about them that tends to offend the senses much more than anything you will find in Duluth. The UMD campus is big enough to make it feel like something important is happening here, yet small enough not to feel like you are a raindrop in the ocean to be swept away by the tide. Also there is quite an ecology about this area that you won’t find anywhere else. We have the rocks, the hills, the trees, ponds, fields, and of course: the Lake. On the surface, there may not appear to be much to do in Duluth, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find a thriving culture of self-determined individuals really doing something to make this one of the best cities in America.

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