Photo of the week: why I love Duluth

Starting Monday Nov. 10, Lake Voice is aggregating content based on a theme we choose for our Photo a Week project. Each week is a different theme and at the end of the week we choose a winner and share your photo on our own social media sites. The point is to capture as many special moments in Duluth that fit each category and to get our readers and other community members involved. How to get involved:

  1. Take any pictures that fits the theme and post it on your Twitter or Instagram accounts.
  2. Tag @LakeVoiceNews or use our specific hashtags (listed below) on your post.
  3. Stay tuned on our website and Twitter account to see if you're picture is our winner.

If you have any suggestions for any themes let us know. You can email us or Tweet us @LakeVoiceNews.



This week’s theme to kick it off:

Why I love Duluth

Use the hashtag #loveDuluth or #LakeVoice this week to share with us why you love this city.

This can include anything you love about Duluth: the lake, the people, the beer, the food. Have fun and get creative.

Stay amused and warm with this week's free events

Brace yourself: winter activities are just ahead