Review the city council candidate forum

On Tuesday, Oct. 22, the League of Women Voters hosted a forum for the 2013 Duluth city council at-large candidates. The purpose was to offer another opportunity for the public to "meet the candidates, to be informed," said Pat Castellano, mediator from the League of Women Voters. The forum was held at UMD.

Questions were submitted by students from UMD's Reporting and Writing I class. Below, you'll find each question linked to the point where it appears in the video. If you're interested in watching the full video, you can see that below the questions.


QUESTION # 1: Why do you want to be on the city council?

QUESTION # 2: What past experiences have prepared you to represent this community on the city council?

QUESTION # 3: Recently, the city of Duluth hosted the first of 7 community meetings to discuss the upcoming reconstruction of Superior St. What is your vision for Superior St. when it is rebuilt?

QUESTION # 4: Last week, Mayor Ness discussed a plan to relocate the William A. Irvin east of Bayfront and Slip 3, filling in MN Slip, and adding more retail and parking to the east side of the DECC and aquarium. What do you think of this plan and is it the best solution for addressing the needs of Canal Park and the city?

QUESTION # 5: Is there anything you would have changed about the e-cigarette regulations the city council enacted earlier this year?

QUESTION # 6: What do you think the city should do to reduce the number of people who leave Duluth after graduating from area colleges and universities?

QUESTION # 7: What would be your first priority after taking office and how would it make Duluth a better place to live and work?

QUESTION # 8: Given that Duluth has many large public green spaces, do you believe that economic development or environment preservation should be a higher priority for Duluth at this time?

QUESTION # 9: How can Duluth use its strong tourism economy to create stable and well-paying jobs?

Full footage of the forum found below:

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