UMD White Coat 5K celebrates American Pharmacists Month

Pharmacy students will celebrate the beginning of October—American Pharmacists Month—with the inaugural White Coat 5K at the Bagley Nature Center on Oct. 6 at 11 a.m. All professional pharmacists and UMD health science students and faculty members are invited to wear their white coats and join the free event, organized by the Minnesota Pharmacy Student Alliance (MPSA), UMD PharmD Fitness, the College Board, and the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (GAPSA).

Racers who are already signed up will receive race T-shirts, and the top three finishers will be rewarded with surprise prizes.

Race coordinator Kari Nohner said it is more than just a celebration of the month; it is a promotion for healthy lifestyles.

“If we’re going to tell our patients about being healthy and the benefits of being healthy, we need to be able to do it ourselves,“ Nohner said. “It doesn’t take that much to be active. Thirty minutes out of your day can really make a huge difference on your health.”

The race is also a way for health science students and professionals to mingle outside of the classroom and workplace.

“These are the people we’re going to be working with the rest of our lives and building those relationships with,” Nohner said. “So, why not get out, get active and do something fun outside of the classroom?”

Even though the event is outside of the classroom and workplace, one thing will remain the same: the white coat attire. Those who don’t own white coats yet or don’t want to wear theirs are still welcome to run.

Nohner plans to wear hers on the warm-up lap and isn’t afraid to get it a little dirty. After wearing hers for almost three years now, it has already seen some wear and tear. Plus, next year she and the other fourth-year pharmacy students will receive new ones.

For those racing in white coats, Nohner has a tip:

“Roll up the sleeves and keep it buttoned so it’s not flying out behind you—that’s what I’ve got so far,” she said.





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