Crime Beat

UMD police say they have identified the masked person known as “The Demon” who had been spotted roaming Bagley Nature Center. “The Demon” had been showing up on various UMD social media channels and was said to be scaring people walking in Bagley. Police said they made contact with him and gave him a warning to discontinue his antics. He was cooperative with police. The UMD Police Department had extra law enforcement over the past week, with a main focus on traffic violators. Police patrolled the areas around Ordean Court due to complaints about vehicles driving around the Sir DuLuth statue. Vehicles are not supposed to be driven around the court.

In the morning hours of Sept. 25, police responded to a call regarding damage to a vehicle in the T2 parking lot. The back window was smashed out of the vehicle, but nothing in the vehicle was stolen. No suspects have been found.

On Sept. 26, four chairs were stolen from the Civil Engineering Building. The chairs were not ordinary classroom chairs, but expensive lounge chairs with attached study tables. The value of the four chairs is over $1,000.

On Sept. 27, police responded to an attempted scam call over a job listing on Craigslist. The phone number on the ad came back as a known scammer. The scammer was not local. Police warn students to use caution when agreeing to job offers via Craigslist.

Around 6:30 p.m on Sept. 28, police made contact with a student who was stumbling around the Kirby Bus Hub area. He was seen ripping a sunflower out of one of the planters. He was found to be intoxicated, and was issued an underage consumption ticket. He was also told to put the sunflower back in the planter.

On Sept. 29, police found a drunken male student who was then taken to detox and issued an underage consumption citation.

Police are stepping up seatbelt enforcement for the month of October. UMDPD will be stopping and citing people who are not wearing their seat belts.


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