Crime Beat

On Thursday, Sept. 19 at 1:50 p.m., damage was sustained to a parked vehicle after someone accidently mowed over rocks, which subsequently shot at the vehicle. The damage was minor. Later that day at 3:30 p.m., a fire alarm went off in the UMD library, though later it was determined that one of the alarms was simply malfunctioning. On Friday night, Sept. 20, two underage persons were ticketed for being intoxicated. There was a DWI somewhere around UMD; further details are unknown.

Saturday, Sept. 21, brought alcohol officially to UMD for the first time with tailgating and a beer garden at the football game. Police said the event went smoothly, although fans from opposing teams exchanged words at one point. One person at the game fainted from an illness unrelated to drinking. Later that night near Ianni hall, Sgt. Chris Shovein said a man “taking as many steps left and right as he did forwards” was later identified as underage and by no means sober. Meanwhile in the Tweed Museum, a burglary alarm went off. Police inspected the museum and found no sign of burglars, however Sgt. Shovein noted that “the museum looks really weird at night.”

Underage drinking took place around 8 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 22 in Junction A Apartments. Three students were ticketed and were also charged with possession of marijuana. It’s unclear whether they were smoking it.

Three people were pulled over throughout the day for ignoring “road closed” signs by Kirby Street and Saint Marie Street. All three received warnings. Sgt. Shovein wants to remind students that these signs mean that the road is closed and disobeying road signs is against the law. Police may not just warn people in the future.

On Monday, Sept. 23, two suspicious people were in Kirby Plaza, but they left before police arrived, adding suspicion. In other news, there was a fender bender reported in parking lot U, but the driver is unsure of when the fender bender actually occurred. An inquiry into the matter is underway.



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