Meet the staff: Rosy Bray

IMG_1188Name: Rosy Bray

Hometown: Spooner, Wis.

Twitter: @HapsinDuluth1


My Beat: I like to write about the positive aspects of Duluth and UMD. Similar to how The Statesman has a “Student Life” section, I think we should have a “Duluth Life” section for LakeVoice. So, I pick five weekly events for Duluthians to check out and choose one to do more reporting on and make that into a story.  My collection of articles.

My Job: I am part of the Community Engagement board and my goals are to get a lot more people  involved in Lake Voice, either face to face or through social networking. We make sure Lake Voice is up to par with the community's expectations and beyond.  Most recent job application.

My Story: I am a senior at UMD studying communication and journalism, with hopes of pursuing a career as a feature writer for a traveling or extreme sport magazine. If not in writing, I would like to pursue a career in public relations in that niche area. I have interned with UMD External Affairs, essentially writing homepage stories, and also UMD Alumni Relations event planning. I have also written and published stories in The Statesman and LakeVoice and have future hopes to publish more stories this year for the both of them as well as Perfect Duluth Day. Besides academics, I play rugby for the UMD women’s club team, run, bike, snowboard, wakeboard and am always open to try any new sport or engage in any kind of physical activity. When my energy is spent, here's a  blog I like to read . I really like to read any kind of novel or articles about psychology and sociology. I am very interested in meeting new people and exploring new places. As of late, I have been interested in radio production. I absolutely love Duluth and UMD for reporting, nightlife, and adventure.

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