Of Donkeys and Elephants: Vote Romney

America faces a choice for the direction of our country in this upcoming presidential election on November 6. Former Governor Mitt Romney and Incumbent President Barack Obama want to take the country on very different paths with their ideological differences.

Gov. Romney wants energy independence. Building the keystone pipeline, eliminating heavy handed regulations that are preventing the coal and oil industry from functioning, and increasing energy resources are all ideas that could help bring down the cost of gas.

Championing small business and increasing foreign trade can grow the economy far better than government programs ever have. Governor Romney wants to do both of these things. He believes in the private sector. President Obama believes in the government and that they have all the answers. The small business need low taxes to hire people and turn a profit to reinvest in the economy. Governor Romney is a man who built businesses, saved the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City, and believes in the private sector, and this is how he will grow the economy. With long-term plans, and not quick fix stimulus packages.

Cutting the deficit and getting to a balanced budget, which are two things President Obama had promised and failed to deliver on. Gov. Romney as a business owner knows how critical a balanced budget is. Pres. Obama has failed to balance the budget the entire time he has been in office and instead plans to tax the rich to fix the problem instead of attack the problem head on. Gov. Romney will tackle it, the way he has done in businesses and as governor of Massachusetts.

A strong military in the only military America can have. Gov. Romney and the Republican Party have always known this. We cannot afford to cut the military to balance the budget. America’s military is the strongest it has ever been and it needs to remain this way.

President Obama was elected in 2008 based on hope and change. He vowed to work across party lines to get things done in Washington. Instead he has order more executive orders to bypass congress than any other president in America’s history.

During his first two years in office, his party had control of both the house and senate and could have passed any legislation that he wanted. He focused on Obamacare and the stimulus package. Neither of which have delivered what the president promised.

Obamacare is projected to cost billions, threaten American jobs, and defund Medicare. We needed health care reform, not a 2,000 plus-page bill that was too complicated for even the democrats who voted for it to explain.

The stimulus package flooded the economy with money and funded things like green jobs and cash for clunkers. Most of these green jobs have gone bankrupt and the cash for clunkers binge resulted in the hike of used cars and took a lot of cars off the rode that could have been sold to people who needed a cheap car. This is what happens when the federal government tries to do things the private sector is far better at. The federal government fails.

On foreign policy, he has run on polices put in place by former President Bush. When it came to killing Osama Bin Laden that was intelligence developed under the Bush’s administration. Drown strikes, Guantanamo Bay, and continuing aid to foreign nations all done by Bush’s policies that Pres. Obama has continued. Former President Bush was criticized greatly by Pres. Obama during the 2008 election for these very same things he has continued during his presidency.

President Obama was elected to office to unite the control and instead he has divided it. As a republican woman, I believe in the Romney/Ryan ticket for three reasons: that a smaller government is a better government, that the spending on Capitol Hill needs to be controlled, and that the private sector should be in charge of growing the economy, not the federal government.

By Ali Boettcher boett098@d.umn.edu

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