Of Donkeys and Elephants: Minnesota Nice

Minnesota is a strange state when it comes to politics. A blue state in every presidential election since 1976, we are the most consistently blue U.S. state. Even in 1984, when literally every state voted for Reagan, Minnesota remained a faithful blue force of electoral votes. Still, there is a significant base of Republican voters in Minnesota seen by the state’s ability to elect a republican house and senate. Also, Minnesota is one of the most politically savvy states. In the 2008 presidential election, 78.2% of eligible voters in Minnesota voted, the highest average of any state. Minnesota is the heart of the Midwest, the “Minnesota nice” attitude. Minnesota can be trusted to vote on values, consistency, and character, while dishonest and untrustworthy politicians are disgusting to us. That is why, when Minnesota republican voters give Romney only 17 percent of their votes in the Republican primary, I think that is saying something. Santorum grabbed about 45 percent of the votes, and Ron Paul another 26 percent. The reason? Nobody actually likes Mitt Romney. In Minnesota where the “nice” are appreciated, Romney is shot down and Mr. Consistent and honest, Ron Paul, polls better than in almost every other state. Sure, people like the Republican Party, and therefore will vote for Romney. But to actually like him? Not a lot of support there.

That is because Romney is perhaps the most inconsistent and untrustworthy politician ever to have a shot at the white house. Romney has made contradicting statements about his position on Roe v. Wade, on stem cell research, on governmental mandates, on the minimum wage, on the “pro-choice” issue, on amnesty for illegal immigrants, on campaign spending limitations, on the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, his stance with the NRA, his hunting record, and his view of the Massachusetts healthcare plan being a model for the nation. This list is certainly not complete, as there is no lack of Romney contradictions to choose from.

It is all too obvious with Romney. He wants power and money, and will do anything to get there. He is not running because he believes in something, or has a system of values. He is running because he believes in a Romney dominated white house. Romney represents everything bad about U.S. politics. He is the winner of a primary where Republicans had to “settle” on him due to the lackluster quality of the others involved. Romney demonstrates how money wins political races, not people. He is a strong advocate for the “corporations are people” idea, leading to Super-PAC dominated politics and obscene amounts of money put into political campaigns. He is a puppet of the Republican Party, like a plastic bag drifting in whichever way the republican wind is blowing. Romney is the silver spoon man, a white male money-bullying his way into positions of power.

On the other hand, Obama’s popularity has definitely decreased since his original soaring campaign into the White House. But against Romney, his plight is not incredibly difficult. Obama is different than Romney in that he has a clear sensitivity towards the middle-class and minorities, because he was/is a part of both of those categories. His first term obviously did not give everyone a personal pot of gold, which it almost seems like people were expecting. I think it is extremely reasonable to give him a chance at another term, and prove that the type of change he promised is more than a four-year process.

To vote for Romney is to vote for money-over-people politics. It is to vote for rich white power, while leaving the “47%” in the “irresponsible for their own lives” zone. It’s a vote for a spineless man who is attracted only to money and power, forgetting about principles and character a long time ago. In Minnesota, we give opportunities to people who promise change and character, even if they come in the form of an ex-WWE wrestler. I do not think Minnesotans are up for voting for the spineless silver spoon man whose strongest trait is his jaw line.

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