Students line up for free Timeflies tickets

Spread out on a blanket in the middle of the floor by the lower level bookstore, Rachael Jutsen can’t wait for 10am. “I’ve been sitting here for fifteen…fifteen and a half hours,” said Justesen, a freshman at UMD.

She is just one of hundreds of students who lined up Tuesday morning for Timeflies concert tickets. An even put on by the Kirby Program Board.

“This is not something we usually see,” Amanda Taylor, Student Commissions Manager, said in regard to the length of the line.

Taylor suggests that the line, stretching from the lower bookstore past the Life Science building, is so long because the concert is free to UMD students.

‘We aren’t selling them to non-UMD students because we don’t think there will be any left,” Taylor said. “We’re giving each student two tickets, so they can bring a friend from home if they want.”

With eight-hundred tickets to give away, and two tickets given to each student, “we’re expecting to sell out within the hour,” Taylor said.

Some students however, had no previous notion of the indie band before getting in line. They just thought camping out looked like fun.

Tylor Dobey, another UMD freshman, got in line at 10:30 p.m. Sunday night, just a few hours behind Justesen.

“I actually have no clue who Timeflies are. I listened to them this morning, and they’re pretty cool, but I just needed something to do,” Dobey said.

Timeflies will present their “One Night Tour” concert next Thursday, Oct.11 in the UMD Ballroom. Doors open at 8:30 p.m. Even though the event is free, students must have a ticket to attend.


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