Minnesota divided by marriage amendment: Opposing sides stand strong as poll gap narrows

The battle over the marriage amendment has come a long way, but with less than six weeks left till Election Day, it’s still a toss-up whether the proposed marriage amendment will be added to Minnesota’s constitution or not. Currently, the state is split between supporters and opponents, according to a recent Star Tribune Minnesota poll. Of 800 likely Minnesota voters surveyed in that poll, 49 percent were in favor of the amendment, 47 percent against and 4 percent undecided.

Age and political party seem to be the two greatest demographic factors generating these percentages. Young people, ages 18-34, and Democrats are more likely to vote “no” than Republicans and those in older age groups, according to the recent Star Tribune poll.

The debate can be looked at in terms of percentage, but numbers only say so much.

One man’s “Vote Yes” yard sign and another woman’s “Vote No” house party gives a personal perspective to the marriage amendment. Stepping away from the big picture, such efforts of everyday people reflect what’s going on all across Minnesota.

BY: KIM HYATT hyatt045@d.umn.edu

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