UMD Police still investigating two assaults and a robbery

UMD Police still investigating two assaults and a robbery

UMD Police responded to a robbery near the Bagley Outdoor Classroom on Oakland Circle this Thursday at 8:48 p.m.

The victim, an adult female, was walking on the trail near the classroom when approached from behind by an adult male who pushed her to the ground and pinned her there while stealing her belongings.

The suspect then fled on foot in the direction of Arrowhead Road.

According to the UMD Police report, the suspect was described as “5’8’’ or taller, with a medium build, unknown race, wearing dark clothing that included a hood upon his head.”

The victim sustained minor injuries.  No weapons were involved.

UMD Police and Duluth Police searched the area but the suspect has not been identified or apprehended.

UMD Police are continuing to investigate this case, along with the two incidents of physical assault that took place on January 19.

No suspect has been identified or apprehended in the cases of assault.

“We’re taking every measure that we can as a campus to ensure the safety of our community,” said Director of UMD Police, Sean Huls.  “There are a lot of things that are being put in place that were even in motion before these most recent crimes.”

Some of these safety measures include increased patrols, hiring more officers, and upgrading security and surveillance camera coverage throughout campus.

UMD Police also encourages students to actively report any suspicious activity by calling 911.

According to Chief Huls, in response to the email sent out reporting the robbery, a student called 911 after seeing someone who appeared to match the suspect's description near the woods off of Brainerd Avenue.

“Our officers were able to quickly respond and talk with the individual, identify him, and rule him out, that he was not a suspect,” Chief Huls said.  “That’s the valuable piece of sending out those alerts and informing our campus, because it builds a partnership.  We’re only so big; we only have so many resources. We need our community to help us with not only safety but helping identify suspicious activity.”


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