The balloons have dropped, the delegates have spoken and soon individuals will go out and vote for the 2016 Presidential Election.

The University of Minnesota Duluth will be encouraging students to go out and vote on Tuesday, September 27 through “Voterpalooza.”

Organized through the Minnesota Public Interest Group (MPIRG), Voterpalooza will take place from 11:30 to 1:30pm in the Garage/Kirby Commons.

“September 27 marks National Voter Registration Day,” MPIRG intern, Dylan Harris said. “This is why we chose to hold the event on this day.”

MPIRG will be providing voter registration forms for students to fill out at the event.

“There will be games, prizes, snacks and music,” MPIRG intern, Sara Minder said.

The last day for people to register to vote via paper is October 14. After that date individuals will have to register to vote online.

“We have 1,400 people registered already,” Harris said. “Our goal is to get 2,000.”

Mayor Emily Larson, will be stopping by at 1pm to support the cause.

“It is a celebration of democracy,” Minder said. “We hope that it will have a good turn out.”

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