Crime Beat 9-16

Crime Beat 9-16


9:19 p.m.

Officers responded to a drug incident at 513 Niagara Court. One arrest was made for a small amount of marijuana.

6:02 p.m.

A group in need of a door unlocked was assisted by officers at 1216 Ordean Court.



3:29 p.m.

Graffiti was reported at 509 Niagara Court. Officers recorded the instance.


2:14 p.m.

Another group in need of a door unlocked were assisted at 1035 University Drive.

12:29 p.m.      

Officers filed a report after responding to a property damage report at 3300 London Road.

1:42 a.m.

Officers at 416 Library Drive assisted a group in need of directions.



1:31 a.m.

A party was reported to police at 509 Niagara Court. Two individuals were arrested for underage consumption.

1:17 a.m.

Officers responded to a report of suspicious activity at 1141 Junction Ave. One individual was arrested for underage consumption and another was arrested for underage consumption, marijuana possession and possession of drug paraphernalia.



2:48 p.m.

A citation was issued at 1049 University Drive for misuse of a handicap parking permit.

11:55 p.m.

Officers arrived on the 1900 block of Hartley Road in response to a complaint of a party. Officers advised the party and left without incident.

11:15 p.m.

A noise complaint was made due to a party on the 1800 block of Carver Ave. Officers once again advised the party and departed.



3:49 p.m.

Following a report of an individual in need of medical care on the 1900 block of Arrowhead Road, officers transported the person to the hospital.

7:54 a.m.

Officers responded to and assisted with a report of an injured animal at South 26th Avenue and London Road.



11:24 a.m.

A report was filed following a report of theft at 1124 Oakland Circle.

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