Self Defense Class

Self Defense Class

In a sometimes dangerous world, self defense classes can offer a reassuring safety net.

The University of Minnesota Duluth will be providing students, staff and the public with a self defense class on Thursday, December 5 from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in Kirby Commons.

The class will be taught by Chris Shovein. He has been a patrol officer at UMD for 17 years.

“I want to empower people,” Shovein said. “If I can help one person by teaching this class, it will have been worth it.”

The event is sponsored by the Women's Resource and Action Center, the Commission for Women and the Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Department.

According to Shovein, it all began about four to five years ago.

“I was in housing talking to some of the RAs and I saw that they were putting together a self defense class. I figured that between my experience as a police officer and my experience in martial arts, I could help out,” Shovein said.

From there, Shovein offered to teach the classes for free.

“As an officer, this allows me to connect with the students in a non-enforcement way and it can be kinda fun,” Shovein said.

He has been participating in martial arts for many years. This summer, he earned his Black Belt.

“Anyone is welcome to come,” Shovein said.

The class will include a variety defensive tactics.

“This year, we got a big puffy red suit that I will be wearing on Thursday so participants can take a hit at me. This will provide some reality,” Shovein said.

Those that are new will be shown beginner tactics, while those that are returning will be shown new tactics.

“Anyone is welcome to come and we are hoping for a good turn out. It is all about keeping the community safe,” Shovein said.


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