New 3 Doors Down album misses the mark

BY ADAM QUANDT | The Statesman You might recall a song from 2007 called “Kryptonite” (you know, “if I go crazy will you still call me superman?”). Well in case you didn’t know the band behind that great piece of nostalgia, it is 3 Doors Down and they’re still around.

The band recently released their sixth studio album “Us and the Night” on March 11.

For those of you who don’t know who 3 Doors Down are, or what their music sounds like, think Daughtry meets Buckcherry. It’s definitely rock music. However, I would go a step further and classify them as “radio rock.”

Someone who’s really into that type of music might find “Us And The Night” to be a great album. I am not necessarily one of those people. However, the album kept my attention for the most part.

The album opens with a very Daughtry-esque song called “The Broken.” The song definitely would not have been my choice for an opening track. I found the opening song to be kind of repetitive and dull.

Instead of opening with “The Broken,” I might have opened with the Buckcherry-esque second track “In The Dark” or even the third track “Still Alive,” which both feature a little bit more of a heavier rock, in your face sound.

The album begins to lull with the fifth track “Living In Your Hell.” If you check out this album, this song is worth a skip in my opinion. There’s just nothing memorable or “catchy” about it.

The slower part of the album continues with the more ballad-like sixth track “Inside Of Me.” Again this song is worth a skip. It sounds like every other “radio rock” ballad out there.

“I Don’t Know” is where the album takes an interesting turn. I’m really not even sure how to explain this track. It features a very different almost ska-like sounding guitar line paired with the typical rock vocals.

Just when I thought the album was picking up with “I Don’t Know,” the tenth track of the album, “Pieces Of Me” threw another boring and slow “radio rock” ballad at me. Think awkward slow dance song at a middle school dance.

The title track “Us And The Night” was my favorite song from the album. And by favorite, I mean it was the song that I disliked the least. The song features a very catchy and groovy main guitar line and a somewhat catchy and memorable chorus.

The album ends with (you guessed it) another ballad. “Fell From The Moon” is an extremely slow moving song with equally slow moving lyrics. Do yourself a favor and end the album after listening to the title track.

All in all, by listening to 3 Doors Down’s “Us And The Night” I was hoping to hear the next “Kryptonite.” I was sadly disappointed to not find that not even a single song came close.

My advice to 3 Doors Down if/when they write their next album, go back and listen to “The Better Life” album and make another one of those.

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