Spring break on a budget: Don't go spring broke

BY LAURA GRUHLKE | The Statesman One of the first signs that winter is coming to an end and summer is inching its way closer is spring break, a week of fun that could end up breaking your bank. Here are some ways you don’t have to go spring broke this year.


Road Trip instead of flying:


Airlines know that everyone wants to fly during spring break, so all of the top spring break destinations will probably break the bank when you are trying to book flights. With how cheap gas is now, it makes even more sense to drive. If you have a car full of all your besties, what could be more fun? You could always stop at fun places along the way to make the trip even more memorable.


“The drive there (is) one of the best parts of the trip,” Aly Perrill says.


Travel with as many of your friends as possible:


The more the merrier! More importantly, the more the cheaper. Though it may not sound ideal to cram eight of your closest friends into one hotel room, it will definitely be ideal for your wallet. It will make for some of the greatest and funniest memories. You will never be closer than four people sleeping sardine-style in the same bed.


Bring your own food and drinks:


Before heading out, pack as many snacks and drinks as you can! This is where your spending will really get you. There is no such thing as bringing too much food, and if you don’t get to it all, you will have some food for your road trip back! If you plan on drinking during spring break, bring your own beverages. It will cut down your costs instead of paying the expensive bar prices.


Walk don’t cab:


If you are planning on going somewhere with nice weather, take advantage of it and walk as much as possible! You’ll be able to explore the city on foot and not have to pay the price for cabs everywhere.


Use a cheap hotel or stay with people you know:


If you know someone who lives in your destination, it would be great if you were able to stay there. Another option would be a cheap hotel. You will pretty much only be spending time there when you’re sleeping. It’s better to put your money elsewhere, like activities and sightseeing.

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