Restaurant review: Sir Benedict's Tavern on the Lake

BY LAURA GRUHLKE | The Statesman

Atmosphere: 4/5

Food: 4.5/5

Price: 3/5

Service: 4.5/5

Overall: 4/5


Sir Benedict’s Tavern resides on Superior Street with a view overlooking Lake Superior.

Upon first walking into Sir Ben’s I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I was slightly confused as I wasn’t sure if we needed to be seated or could just sit wherever we wanted. Eventually we caught on and sat ourselves at a nice table in the back where we could see almost everything going on in the tavern.

We went on a Wednesday night, which means there was live music. The music added a lot to the experience and atmosphere. It truly felt as if I were in an authentic English pub.

Sir Benedict's features a wide variety of different types of live music on most days of the week. JOHN HEINO/SUBMITTED

Being a lover of spinach and artichoke dip, I had to order it when I saw it on the menu. Oh my goodness, it was amazing. Even though it was a little pricey for an appetizer, it was worth every bit. It was really creamy and came with warm bread. They also have a variety of sandwiches on the menu that came out nice and fresh-tasting.

To order your food you have to go up to the counter and order. The woman who took my order was super friendly and helped me decide on which sandwich I should get. The man who brought our food over to our table was also extremely friendly. You could tell that everyone who worked there genuinely liked his or her job.

Overall I would recommend going to Sir Ben’s Tavern—you will not regret it. It is great to experience the traditional pub atmosphere. And if you love spinach and artichoke dip, it is very much worth the investment.


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