Album review: NonFic and Andrew DIFF "Night Movements"

BY ADAM QUANDT | The Statesman After a variety of different songs and demos released in the past few years, Duluth-based hip-hop artist NonFic recently released his first EP, “Night Movements,” with the help of producer Andrew DIFF.

The album was mixed and mastered by Jake Larson at Duluth’s Sacred Heart Studios.

During a previous interview with The Statesman, Scott Vezina (NonFic) explained that “Night Movements” tells the story of a night of partying, from the pregame to the early hours of the morning.

After listening to the album, the party storyline that Vezina explained definitely becomes clear to the listener.

Though the album is only a five-song EP, it features a wide variety of emotions, showcased both through Vezina’s lyrics and the beats done by Andrew DIFF. This kept me hooked as a listener as I played through one song after another and then threw it on repeat a few times after that.

The album features a downright party banger titled “Shake it Off,” which NonFic recently released a music video for that can be found on YouTube. However, the album also features more relaxed tracks such as “4AM” and “Dreams.”

Although I can definitely pick up vibes of similar artists to NonFic such as Atmosphere and Grieves in the album, NonFic and Andrew DIFF did a great job creating something that was all their own with “Night Movements.”

The only complaint I have of the album is that it ends after five songs. I want more.

Whether you can relate to the lyrics or not, NonFic and Andrew DIFF’s “Night Movements” is an album you should definitely check out.

“Night Movements” is available for free download on Soundcloud at

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