The Student Section: Heart of UMD Hockey

By: MADDIE GINSBERG, Lake Voice Minnesota’s official slogan is the “Land of 10,000 Lakes.” If you ask anyone what Minnesota's official sport is, they would reply hockey. 

In 2014, UMD men’s hockey had a season total attendance of 102,570, in an arena that can hold up to 6,600 people each game. Each game averages about 6,400 people.

And each year, student season tickets are what you want to get. “When I was a freshman, you had to line up the night before in the hallways to make sure you could get your tickets,” Jack Skinner, a senior at UMD, said. “People would bring their TVs, order food, it was an all night party.”

The student section at the Bulldog games are often the source of all of the energy in the arena. Even when the Dogs are down, the student section never gives up.

“I’ve always loved watching hockey games,” sophomore Rachel Garza said. “I went to my first bulldog game last year and the student section was so enthusiastic. It’s always fun to watch.”

UMD Students at Hockey Game

People of all ages come to Amsoil Arena to watch the UMD Bulldogs play against various rivals.

Cam Duncan, Austin Leubinsky and Brody Penman are freshman at UMD and haven’t missed a home game yet.

“It's just a great atmosphere," Leubinsky said

“Everybody’s having fun and everybody’s here for the same reason.”  Penman said.

“The school, the community everyone comes together, it’s great.” Duncan said. 

Without the UMD student section, hockey games at Amsoil would not have the same spirit and liveliness.



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