Local Spotlight: Tin Can Gin

BY ADAM QUANDT | The Statesman “Foot stomping, good-time-having, drinking music” is what the members of Duluth-native band Tin Can Gin say concertgoers can expect from a Tin Can Gin show.

Tin Can Gin was formed in 2011 by a group of friends and co-workers from a wide variety of different musical tastes, from punk rock and ska to classic rock.

“Our music is very versatile and just brings a lot of energy to the shows,” mandolin player Bryan Nelson said.

Though the blending of musical tastes between members came with ease, the naming of the band was no simple task for the group of friends.

“Every time we passed by each other at work, we would say a name,” Nelson said. “We originally were going towards something about the amount of broken strings I had,” guitar player Trevor Marrin added.

The band eventually settled on Tin Can Gin while working at a local restaurant, as one of them walked by with a tray full of gin and tonics on the way to a table.

They recall one of their favorite shows being one they played last summer on the pier at Glensheen Mansion.

“It’s something really special to be literally playing music to Duluth. You look out from the pier and that’s all you see,” Nelson said.

The band all nodded in agreement that there’s nothing like being in Duluth and playing to a hometown crowd.

“The Duluth music scene is something that is in a constant flux, but there’s so much influence here,” Marrin said.

The band has released two albums, “Tin Can Gin” (2014) and “Coming Home” (2015) which feature a wide variety of bluegrass tunes from their heartfelt “Duluth” on their self-titled album to the upbeat, foot-stomping “Carmody” on “Coming Home.”

Both albums are available for purchase in person at Electric Fetus, or online via iTunes and TinCanGin.com. You can also stream the albums for free on Spotify.

Though many of the band members now live in the Twin Cities area, the Northland is still home to them.

“I’ve definitely considered moving back up here,” Marrin said, to which all of the band members agreed.

The band is currently in the planning process for a New Year’s Eve show at the Red Herring in Duluth, although nothing is set in stone yet. However, the band frequently makes the trip up to the Northland to play for a hometown crowd.

“Homegrown is one of our favorite music festivals, so if they’ll have us again, we will definitely be in town for that,” Nelson said.

The band is currently in the early phases of writing their third album, as well as putting together tours and playing shows around the midwest.

For the band’s tour dates, merchandise, music and more information, check out www.facebook.com/TinCanGin.

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