Where is Duluth's best pizza?

BY LAURA GRUHLKE | The Statesman Pizza: Most people can agree that it’s one of their favorite foods. Especially as college students, we may feel that pizza is a necessary part of our diet. Throughout the city of Duluth there are many options on where to get your little slice of heaven, but which one is ranked best?

Pizza Luce

Taste: 5/5

Price: 2/5

Quality: 4.5/5

The overall consensus was hands down that Pizza Luce has some of the best pizza in town. The reasons for it being the favorite spot spread across the board. Kadoh Chomilo says that she loves it because they have a variety of options. Summer Harris likes that they have cool toppings that other places don’t have. Maggie Braadland claims that the baked potato pizza is to die for. Although there is lots of love for the taste of the pizza, the price may break the bank. Pizza Luce is definitely on the more expensive side of pizza ordering. The upside to that is that they do offer free delivery! That is where some pizza places can get you.

Vitta Pizza:

Taste: 4/5

Price: 3.5/5

Quality: 4.5/5

Vitta Pizza is home to the best pizza in Canal Park. Student Kyle Lodahl says that he loves the brick oven style and it is very delicious. The greatest part about Vitta’s prices is that they have daily specials where one of their pizzas is on sale for as little as $6.


Taste: 4/5

Price: 4/5

Quality: 4/5

Ah, Domino’s. Almost every UMD student has ordered Domino’s at some point in their college career. For a while it was one of the only pizza places that delivered to campus and with such a close location it is very accessible if you didn’t want to pay the delivery charges. Aly Perrill loves that they have deals in the coupon book and the garlic on their crust.

Tavern on the Hill:

Taste: 4/5

Price: 4/5

Quality: 3.5/4

Tavern on the Hill isn’t probably the first place you think about when you are thinking about getting pizza, but it shouldn’t be left out. During happy hour from 9-midnight, you can get a pizza for $5 with the purchase of a drink. Even if it’s not happy hour, the prices are still fairly reasonable for a hand-tossed woodfire pizza.

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