Upcoming concert features UMD faculty

BY LAURA GRUHLKE | The Statesman The music department offers the chance for faculty to perform in Weber Music Hall with performances called Resident Artist Concerts.

Friday, Nov. 13, Dr. Adam Booker will take the stage and perform. Dr. Booker is an Assistant Professor in the School of Fine Arts and specializes in bass.

Dr. Booker is excited to perform at Weber because it’s one of the only times he gets to perform whatever music he wants to. This year he has decided to switch it up entirely.

“I felt it was time for me to do an entirely classical recital,” Dr. Booker said.

This will be the first time since his junior year of his undergrad that he will perform all classical music.

Dr. Booker comes from a background of playing gigs with others for a living and having to play what other people told him to. He is therefore is very excited that the UMD music department offers the opportunity for him to explore different types of music and performances.

Dr. Booker says that he thinks the highlight of the show will be the musical styling of Elegie Trio by Rachmaninoff, for which Dr. Booker will be accompanied by Dr. Brian Buckstead on the violin.

Dr. Buckstead will not be the only one performing with Booker at his recital on Friday. Booker’s wife, Sally Booker, will also be singing and playing the piano.

“It’s a family affair,” Dr. Booker said.

Dr. Booker said that coming to the show will not disappoint.

“Without music this world would be a terrible place to live and it is a safe way to spend your Friday evening,” Dr. Booker said.


Photo: Dr. Adam Booker has played bass in a variety of jazz ensembles across the U.S., including New World and the U.S. Navy Band. JEFF PEABODY/SUBMITTED

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