How much does it cost? UMD store vs. SuperOne

Our news editor Hannah Broadbent went to the Student Store at UMD and to SuperOne on Kenwood Avenue in Duluth and grabbed the same basket of groceries at each place. Here are the price comparisons.

We made sure to include a number of different essentials that college students need.

SuperOne:                                                  UMD Store:

Clean & Care Scrub: $5.59                                      $9.79


Old Spice Original: $2.99                                         $3.79


Crest Complete: $1.19                                             $4.09


Advil Tablets(24): $4.19                                           $6.89


FunFetti Cake Mix: $1.69                                         $2.09


Health Choice Chicken Noodle Soup: $2.69            $3.79


Sarah Lee Honey Wheat Bread: $2.99                    $4.09


Blueberry Pop-Tarts: $2.00                                      $3.49


Chobani Yogurt Raspberry: $1.25                            $1.79


Kemps Milk (half gallon): $2.19                                $2.59


Jack’s Pizza (Pepperoni): $3.33                               $4.69


TOTAL: $33.94                                           TOTAL: $47.09


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