Restaurant Review: Va Bene

BY LAURA GRUHLKE | The Statesman With a location almost right on the lake, the restaurant Va Bene is a good stop when you’re looking for some tasty Italian cuisine.

While driving down Superior Street you may completely miss this little restaurant. It’s located just two blocks away from the famous Fitger’s building.

Va Bene is an Italian restaurant located on Superior Street and 7th Ave. East. BRAD EISCHENS/STATESMAN

When walking in you will immediately feel how small the restaurant is. It looks as if you can see the whole restaurant from the entrance. However, there is a beautiful little back room where you can sit almost directly on the lake and offers a view many restaurants can’t.

You may not notice, but right in front of you when you walk in is the kitchen. You are able to see everything that the two chefs on duty are doing.

After looking around, you will see on the right a small gelato station where you can purchase scoops of gelato after your meal.

Upon walking into the restaurant, you get the welcoming feeling you should in a small establishment and overall the service at Va Bene was great.

My favorite thing about the menu is that the pasta list has numbers next to it. This saves you from the embarrassment of attempting to pronounce the Italian dishes.

The food at Va Bene is served quickly - even when there's only two chefs on duty. BRAD EISCHENS/STATESMAN

Instead of stumbling through, “Yes I’ll have the Arrabiata Al Padre Ricardo,” you can say, “I’ll have number 12 please.”

After ordering the food comes out fast despite there only being two chefs on duty. Plus the taste is amazing. It is some of the best Italian food I have had in the city of Duluth.

The only drawback to Va Bene is the prices. The prices are on the higher side which can be harder when on a college budget.

Va Bene is the perfect place to go when you’re out celebrating and looking to eat some authentic Italian food. Whether it be a birthday, anniversary or maybe your parents are in town and want to take you out, it is a great place to go--but you’ll have to pay for it.

Price: 2/5

Food: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Atmosphere: 4/5

Overall: 4/5

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