Netflix and Chill: Killer Mermaid

Netflix and Chill (Halloween Edition): Killer Mermaid

Killer Mermaid

Director: Milan Tororvic

Genre: Horror

Length: 90 minutes

Netflix rating: 1 out of 5

My rating: 4 out of 5

After watching the opening credits of Milan Todorovic’s “Killer Mermaid” and seeing the amount of eastern European names roll across the screen I was worried that I would have to read English subtitles to follow the movie.

Though I probably could’ve used them at times, thankfully this was not the case.

The movie tells the story of Kelly and Lucy, two American girls who go on a trip to Montenegro to visit their friend from college, Alex.

I unfortunately spent the majority of the movie attempting to figure out if the actress who played Lucy was eastern European trying an American accent and if the actor who played Alex was American trying an eastern European accent.

The opening 20 minutes of the movie provides a little bit of background on all of the characters, though it probably could’ve been told in about five minutes.

Here’s a quick rundown. Kelly is afraid of water/swimming due to her brother drowning when she was 10. Alex and Lucy have history from when they were in college and they obviously aren’t over it. Alex’s new fiancé, Yasmin, can sense this past and isn’t happy about it. Lastly, we meet Yasmin’s friend, Boban, who Alex doesn’t seem to be too fond of.

Throughout the film, three very mysterious people randomly appear at times. First, there’s the random fisherman guy who warns the group of friends not to go explore an abandoned prison. Duh? Next, there’s random fisherman guy number two who comes into play later in the movie. Last, there’s the unknown person going around the town killing people with a grappling hook who also comes into play later in the movie.

Well, like all good horror movies, the group of friends obviously ignore the random stranger’s advice and go to the island where an abandoned prison is located.

While exploring the island, random fisherman guy number two shows up and discovers the group spying on him. The rest of the movie (for the most part) follows the group of friends as they attempt to escape the deranged man.

“Killer Mermaid” received a one out of five star rating from Netflix. However, I feel the movie deserved more than that.

The film features above average cinematography which makes it very enjoyable to watch, a story that throws enough twists and turns at you to keep you guessing what is going to happen next and does a great job tying everything together in the end.

But wait, what about the mermaid part of “Killer  Mermaid?”

Don’t worry, she’s in there. However, you’ll have to check out “Killer Mermaid” on Netflix to find out when and where.


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