Why is there no more live music at Fitger's?

BY ADAM QUANDT | Arts & Entertainment Editor | The Statesman  

If you’ve found yourself on the Fitger’s Brewhouse music website lately, you may have noticed something very strange. The calendar for the Brewhouse stage is completely empty.

The sight of the empty calendar led many local musicians to believe that Fitger’s Brewhouse, the place that their website boasts has “the smallest stage with the biggest local legends,” was no longer supporting live music.

“It would be a huge let down to find out that they were no longer supporting live music,” local hip-hop artist NonFic (Scott Vezina) said.

Thankfully, this is not the case.

“The music is moving to the larger space at Tycoons Alehouse down the block,” Fitger’s soundboard operator Jamie Ness said in an email.

Music at Tycoons will typically take place at 9 p.m. most Thursdays through Saturdays for the remainder of the year.

Though to many local musicians it seems a shame that music on the legendary Brewhouse stage be moved somewhere else, this is not the end of live music in the Fitger’s complex altogether.

Live music will still be featured at the Red Star Lounge, a bar soon to be called the Brewhouse Barrel Room.

For example, on Oct. 23, Ingeborg Von Aggasis will be performing at the Red Star Lounge/Brewhouse Barrel Room.

“That’s a show that a lot people should go to. Her music is really forward-looking and I think artistic young-minded people will really like it,” Ness said via email.

So to put an end to the rumors: no, Fitger’s is not ending their support of local music in Duluth. The company who puts on the shows, Just Take Action, is simply moving venues so that it can grow even more.

To see the music calendar for Tycoons check out www.tycoonsalehouse.com/entertainment.

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