What do meditation and spirituality look like? An artist's take

  BY LAURA GRUHLKE | Arts & Entertainment Reporter | The Statesman

As part of their graduation requirement, students in the School of Fine Arts are required to have a senior exhibition. Senior exhibitions are put on in the studio gallery of the Tweed Museum of Art.

This is a great opportunity for students to showcase their work and let the public see what they have learned while in school.

“Not many art students can showcase their work at the same place as a Picasso,” Tweed employee Catheryn King said.

At some schools students don’t get an opportunity to show their work in a real museum at all.

The Tweed Museum is an accredited museum with an array of famous artwork and different exhibits. King says that her favorite part about working at the museum is seeing the senior exhibitions.

“A young artist to get that (opportunity) is a fantastic thing,” Tweed employee Scott Stevens said.

Stevens says that if students haven’t been to the Tweed, the senior exhibition is a great place to start.

Every Tuesday at 4 p.m. a new show starts. The artist has four hours to put their show together and place everything where they want it.

From October 13 through the 18, Digital Art and Photography major Leah Beltz will be showcasing her work in the Tweed.

Beltz’s show is titled “Lucent” and was inspired by meditation and spirituality.

A good friend of Beltz, Alyssa Justice, claims that Beltz’s work can’t be described in words and can have many different effects on the people who are in its presence.

Beltz explained that her show focuses on alternative process photography.

“It can bring photography back to more traditional ways,” Beltz said.

Beltz has been working on this project all summer. She said that she has been using different types of chemicals in the darkroom to help create the photographs for her show.

Beltz hopes that viewers get something out of coming to her show.

“I think that everyone can grow from going to an art exhibition. Even if they aren’t an artist themselves, they can have an experience which makes them learn in a different way,” Beltz said.

There is also a sense of community when going to an art museum. Beltz hopes that audience members get a chance to bond with other members of the community.

“Don’t talk to me about my art, talk to other people about it” she said.


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